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BWYL In-House Services

Our in-house team can tackle a number of things for small business marketing. Happy to work with new partners who are just starting out and need some help getting things together.




Colombian IndiArts (7)

Founded in 2016 Colombian Indi Arts is the product of a friendship between Paola Perdomo and Valentina Pinzon who met while completing their Bachelor in Tourism Management at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada. Being from Colombia both Valentina and Paola often talked about their homeland and it was during one of these conversations that they realized they had even more in common. Both of them recognized that they felt this need and want to give back to the country they came from. As two women passionate about indigenous culture, history, and the environment they admired how First Nations peoples of Canada have been successful in showcasing their culture and sharing it with the world. Taking inspiration from their local environment they decided it was time for Colombia’s indigenous people to be recognized worldwide as well.


Fletch Robbins


Fletch Robbins is a husband and wife illustration team, creating a broad range of designs: dinosaur skeletons, cute animal families, geometric animal creations, mythical creatures, whales, ducks, and lots in between! They turn their quirky and charming creations into wall art, home decor, greeting cards, and more.

Gracie Home, Office & Lifestyle Organizing (3)

We work with you to organize your life and create efficient realistic routines to keep you on track. Helpful Strategies and and extra set of hands to get you or your business organized.



New Moon Aromatherapy (6)

 Kim is a certified Clinical Aromatherapist located on beautiful Salt Spring Island BC. She makes small batch Aromatherapy and Herbal products, custom orders, as well as personalized essential oil blends.

Outdoor Ukulele (5)

Outdoor Ukulele™ is a family owned manufacturer of composite polycarbonate instruments. American manufacturing is very important to us. Our Composite Polycarbonate parts are injection molded on 400 ton machines in Washington State. Assembly is done in Bend, Oregon using impact resistant cyanoacrylate adhesives.



Jeffrey Sorenson

Jeffrey is an artist living and working in Canada. His paintings, assemblage and prints are in public and private collections across North America.

Screenshot 2017-09-15 13.22.54

Born in the US, his watercolor box was his prized possession in his early, rural years. His family moved to California where he went to high school and university. An obsession with color on paper, pencil on paper, and eventually, printing on paper led to self publishing handmade books. He did illustrations, graphics and hand printing poetry broadsides for the Unicorn Press in Santa Barbara.

After immigrating to Canada Jeffrey lived in Vancouver and several other British Columbia locations while developing a characteristic independent style of painting in acrylics and doing continued printmaking and typography.

Migrating to Toronto, Jeffrey continued painting, graphic work and screen printing for many years. Always a technophile he realized that the emerging personal computer industry would overwhelm much traditional media. After mastering several levels of programming he continued his graphic interests exploring multimedia and digital arts.

Over a decade ago he began creating assemblage from found objects. Finding much interesting metal beside railroad tracks, rust became a common theme. The Rust Factory series of found metal and magnet figures and masks most represent his work in recent years.






Tara Hope

Screenshot 2017-09-15 15.28.53.png

Tara Hope lives in a beautiful part of Canada called the Ottawa Valley.

 She grew up on a horse farm and has spent most of her life in the country with her family (which has consisted of a few humans and many different kinds of animals).

Tara has always found joy in music and always immersed herself in it one way or another. She especially loves writing and can often be found doing just that at her home studio, Harbour Music.


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